A new strip of land had been aquired by the client, enabling them to join their front garden to their large parkland garden at  the side of their house, which forms part of a listed Georgian Hall. 


The front garden was redesigned in a more formal  but contemporary manner to reflect the Georgian elevation, with strong diagonal geometry leading the visitor towards the new strip of side garden. Flowering trees and shrubs, roses and perennials then soften these formal lines. A vegetable garden requested by the client is set off to the side of the main route. 

A raised pond and rill planted with tall reeds form a boundary to the client's new side garden while reading as an object within the larger existing formal side garden, which is bounded by a retained historic yew hedge. Pleached beech trees at the house end and lower beech hedges at the parkland end complete the boundary.Between the yew hedge and new boundary more intimate dining and sitting areas are created, with the hedge and gentle water noise protecting  and distracting from the noise of a neighbouring road.  

Views from the side garden towards the parkland garden are directed along the line of the rill and pond, then framed by a rose covered timber archway and gate. 

A Country Garden for a Listed Georgian House