Design Phase

  • Survey & Site Analysis

Unless your garden is very small, flat & square (most are not!) a professional measured survey using specialist equipment to measure the layout, main features and levels will be recommended. CRGD can suggest suitable surveyors. 

This survey drawing will form the basis of the design. CRGD will use the survey and careful observation to analyse the existing site. 

  • Sketch Design

2 sketch plan options will be produced for discussion, from which a detailed master plan can be developed. 

Moodboards will also be set up to discuss materials, structures & atmosphere

3D sketches will be produced to explore key aspects of the design

Further sketch plans can be commissioned on an hourly rate but it is CRGD's objective to provide initial sketch ideas that respond carefully to the brief and site. 

  • Masterplan

A detailed coloured plan will be produced incorporating any minor changes to the preferred sketch design, showing areas of hard landscaping, changes in level, the type of materials to be used, and planted areas (but will not include a detailed planting plan). This plan will be suitable for initial pricing by a landscaping contractor. 

  • Detailed Design

As well as the more architectural construction details and specifications required for the hard landscaping, planting plans will be provided. Along with Moodboards used to discuss and confirm plant selections, this is the fun part!