A Long London Garden

The clients' brief was to create a low maintenance lush tropical style garden that also created a sense of mystery and more privacy. 

The response was to create a journey through the garden, moving from formal and public to increasingly wild and private spaces, with each space only glimpsed from the other. The journey begins by the house in a formal slate paved area, with dining table and BBQ, bounded by lush tropical style planting using plants known to be low maintenance in the UK. A timber path leads to a gap in the planting, leading the eye towards a fire bowl. 

The fire bowl is central to the second, more private area.  A serene atmosphere is created where the sitting area around the fire bowl looks onto a lawn and water bowl, all bounded by pleached trees to create height and privacy. Leading through a gap in the pleached trees, a more informal slate path interplanted with low growing plants leads to the third space. 

The third space houses a yoga and woodworking studio, with an east facing deck slung with a hammock in the corner. Orchard trees, ferns, mosses and bulbs surround the studio creating a wilder area that is nonetheless low maintenance. 

The view back down the slate path is terminated by the waterbowl before the journey is reversed to the more controlled and public areas.