Sunny roof terrace


Shepherd's Bush, London



Sunny roof terrace

The roof terrace with it's balcony and glazed side panels was just built when I was approached to complete the design. Low maintenance but sensory and cheerful planting was chosen for this young family of 4. Millboard provides a very low maintenance surface, and most of the planting is in large planters along the balcony to provide privacy. An olive tree , lavender, rosemary & sage provide evergreen structure and the herbs also provide fantastic scent. Cheerful colour and height are provided by Verbena bonariensis, grasses provide movement and a pleasant sensation to run small fingers through and long flowering Erigeron tumbles over the edge to soften the planting further. Seasonal highlights will be Californian poppies and spring bulbs to provide bright oranges and yellows. The client wanted to grow some small salad and more herbs of her own but in a neat way, so these are to be held in wall planters. 


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