Georgian townhouse rear garden


Greenwich, London



Small moves in this steeply terraced garden created new brick planters for herbs close to the kitchen, new storage built in under the BBQ and to the side of the doors, two new sunny sitting spots and a small veg planter. The new bike shed is painted to match the existing stairs, and will soon be covered by a fragrant trachelospermum, as well as being largely shielded by a new olive tree. The existing hard landscaping was cleaned, repaired, then matched to create the new sofa area & brick planters. The veg planter is in full sun, and provides a particularly enticing spot to relax next to. Existing climbers were incorporated into the design, so that when the new trees and perennials were added the whole garden already looked mature. Evergreens have been provided for year round interest, and the remaining perennials will add a cool white and purple palette, with touches of apricot in every growing season. 

Georgian Townhouse Terraced Garden


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